About Us

Micke Larsson Racing AB was founded in December 2009

We are operating a Top Methanol Funny Car within FIA European Drag Racing Championship.

Our base camp is in Storvik (40 km from Gävle and 80 km from Tierp Arena). We are also located in Greenfield Township, Pennsylvania, USA for purchasing of parts in USA.

Business idea

Offer companies marketing communication both on a national and international level through our racing business. Forms of marketing activities are profiling on race car, trailer, team wear and our web site. We also participate in and arrange customer events both on race events and outside race tracks.

Being highly professional both on race tracks and off race tracks we become an attractive partner for marketing communication.

History – milestones

  • May 1978, my (Micke) first visit to a drag racing event (Mantorp Park)
  • October 2005, decision to start a drag racing team
  • May 2007, Funny Car arrived at our work shop
  • June 2007, first ”runs” at Sundsvall Raceway
  • December 2009, Micke Larsson Racing was founded as a company with three sharehoders
  • July 2010, Frank Hawley Drag Racing School, USA (first 6-second runs)
  • March 2011, our Funny Car became the first race car on the new concrete track at Tierp Arena (Press day and conference)
  • June 2011, first participation in a championship race (Sweden Internationals, Tierp Arena, with Dan Larsen as pilot)
  • June 2011, license in Sundsvall Raceway
  • June 2012, first championship race (qualification run beside Ulf Leanders, Sweden Internationals, Tierp Arena)
  • June 2012, first elimination run (against Leif Andreasson, Sweden Internationals; Tierp Arena)
  • To be continued………


Team (click on picture)

Högbo 019