Worlds fastest motorsport!

Drag racing is worlds fastest motorsport. A Top Fuel Dragster can reach well over 500 km/h under 5 seconds over 1/4 mile.

In Europe there is a FIA European Drag Racing Championship. 2017 it contains of six events (see page Schedule for dates and locations).

The car classes in the Championship are:

  • Pro Stock – bodied cars with suction engines of max 500 cubic inch.
  • Pro Modified – fastest class with doors, different engine combinations with corresponding different max sizes ( sucion , supercharged and turbocharged engines).
  • Top Methanol Funny Car – carbon fibre bodies witn no doors, supercharged engines of max 526 cubic inch with screw supercharger.
  • Top Methanol Dragster – either nitro injected engines or supercharged engines.
  • Top Fuel Dragster  – supercharged engines with nitromethane as fuel, max 500 cubic inch. Power approx. 10 000 hp!


Description of our Top Methanol Funny Car (click the picture)



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