Race car


Appr. 4000 horsepowers. Accelerates 0-100 km/h in less then a second.

Chassi & body:

Chassi built by Steve Plueger, USA. Made by seemless tubing.

Body: Dodge Charger from S&W Race Cars, USA. Made of lightweight carbon fiber and kevlar.


BAE-NRE V-8 engine of 521 cui. (8.4 liters) . BAE block with NRE heads.


Leanders 3-disc clutch. The discs and floaters are grinded in a specially designed machine between every run to keep the basic setup measures as equal as possible at all times.


Lenco 3-speed with reverse. Gears are airshifted by use of buttons on the steering wheel.Iphone 053

Rear axle:

Strange Top Loader (12″)


D-screw made by PSI, USA


Weld Racing, the wheels are changed once in a while, since the lightweight material can be somewhat exhausted if it goes through many rough, shaky rides.IMG_0028


Pure Methanol. The type of fuel have given its name to the class, top methanol funny car (there are also top metanol dragsters). The race car consume approximately 25 liters of fuel during each run (402.33 meters). The fuel is what cools the engine, which means a car like this can not run for very long before it overheats. Therefore all top methanol cars are towed to the start area and back from the end of the track to the pit area after each run (like the top fuel cars).


Race Pack on board computer.

Best ET & Speed:

5,85 sec – 395 km/h, Tierp Arena, Sweden, June 2013